Privacy Policy

Collecting and managing user data is a policy of Storm Media Uk This privacy policy states that you agree to our terms and conditions by using our website.

  • Cookies

We here at Storm Media Uk use cookies to improve the quality of our website. Cookies are text files, minute in size that is saved on your computer by the browser. When you visit our site these files are sent through the browser to our server. If you wish to block cookies you can change them in your browser settings as generally every browser is set to allow cookies by default.

  • The Collected Information

Curious as to what information we collect? The information is about which pages in our site attracted you, how long it kept you occupied and how many times you found the page good enough to revisit. This information helps us in optimizing our website and making it better all the time so that we at Storm Media Uk can give our users an excellent experience.

  •  How we use this information

It is generally used to know which products, information or pages are a favorite amongst our users. We through this procedures also know how useful our site is being to our clients and how it is being used. The information on how many sections of the pages are most popular, frequently viewed and visited, helps us make our content better and helps us adjust and optimize our service to make it a favourite amongst our users.

  • Track abuse if it occurs

Our cookies are protected and won’t be revealed unless required by the law. If suppose, for example, we are sent a court order to disclose the information in our software then we will be obliged to do so in response to the law enforcement agency’s request.

  • Property Claim 

You may find various logos and trademarks displayed on this website. These logos belong to our merchants and they belong to their respective owners. We at Storm Media Uk are not associated with any of these logos and trademarks and not affiliated by any of them.

  •  Safety Concern

We assure you that your personal information won’t be leaked to any other third parties without your permission. You can trust Storm Media Uk to provide you with original apps and APK files without any modifications, virus or cheat every time you decide to use our site.

  • Change of Policy 

Our privacy policy may change from time to time. The privacy policy of the time when you use is what will be in effect. The information we collect now is bound by the privacy policy at that time when the information was used. Users are bound to follow every privacy policy when they use our services after such changes in privacy policy have been put into effect.

You are free to contact us anytime, we are here to hear you out and sort all concerns and questions.